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A Few Tips for Announcing Relief Events


It's hard to accept the idea of Irma racing toward Florida when the response to Harvey is less than a week old.

But here it comes. 

All of you will have some part to play in upcoming relief efforts.  If you have any questions about how to use your Brick River for Churches site as effectively as you can to promote relief efforts - contact us any time.  We will do anything we can to help you promote your local, district, and national relief efforts.

If you're relatively new to Brick River for Churches - here are a few tips about creating and promoting events on your website...

Enter a Full Address so Brick River Will Create a Google Maps Link to the Event Location

It's likely that church members don't need directions to get to church events - but when you're promoting an event to the community at large (such as collecting clothing or relief supplies) - giving people a Google Maps link is important and easy.  

When creating a new event - simply fill in full address information in the Location and Contact Information Section. 

The system will create a Google Maps link automatically for the event.


Link an Event to an Announcement and Feature the Announcement

After creating your event, create an Announcement Post, go to the Article section and:
  1. Enable the Feature This field.  The system will then feature a post summary prominently on your homepage, and
  2. Relate your Event to the Post.  You can link one or more events to any post.  This will give users a direct link to the Event Details.


Share your Announcement on Facebook

The Brick River system adds a Share button to each Post you create.  After you create your announcement, go to your website and open the Announcement details.  Click the Share button at the bottom of the Post details.  A pop up window will appear asking you to describe what you are sharing and post it to your Facebook wall. 

If you can get a few friends to do this you will broadcast your Event link to hundreds of people with just a few clicks.

Be safe out there.  All of us at Brick River are grateful to you and your members who respond so generously to those who need you most.  Thank You!!!

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