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Tips for Homepage Carousels


Brick River provides several tools to help you feature your most important information prominently on your homepage.  Adding an image carousel is one of the best - and easiest - ways to keep your homepage up to date and beautiful.  Create and update your carousel on your site's Setup Screen - described here in the online User's Guide.

Carousel Basics

An effective carousel should combine beautiful images with concise text.  It should be inviting to new and prospective members and provide timely and accurate information.  For your first carousel, consider creating four slides - two with messages of welcome or mission, and two announcing upcoming events.

Remember to remove and replace entries announcing past events.  You don't want people to think your planning your Christmas pageant in March - unless your are actually having a Christmas pageant in March.

Pro Tips

Heading and subheading text will appear as light text on a dark background at the bottom of the image.  The more text you add - the greater the space that will overlay your image.  Plan for this by choosing images with prominent subjects in the top two thirds of the image.

Headings are entered as 'text only' and they will always be displayed in all caps.  Subheading text is 'rich text' - you can apply formatting and colors, and even images and hyperlinks. Entries announcing events can include links to event pages and reg forms.  

It's easy to format subheading text.  Simply select the target text and use the formatting tools provided.  We turned this text into a link using the 'insert link' button.


Images are intended to include short, concise headings and subheadings - but you may want to occasionally devote an entry exclusively to text.  Choose a dark-ish image that will provide a good background for light text.

Become a cropper.  It's likely that you have lots of large images with great subjects - but will only make great slides if you crop and center the subject. 

Check out this article for more information about choosing and cropping great carousel images.

That's it.  Go create something beautiful!


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