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A Quick Idea for a Banner Style Header Photo


I was talking to Pastor Amy this afternoon and it motivated me to experiment with banner style header images.

She has this great idea to go out on a Tuesday or Wednesday to film a trailer video for the upcoming Sunday sermon. She would then embed the video in a post and feature it on the church homepage.

You can feature a post with or without a Primary Image - but what's the best size and shape for an image if you decide to use a Primary Image?

Well... Brick River is pretty good with square images and lots of various rectangles.  As long as your image isn't tiny it's going to look pretty good.

But try this out sometime - create an image that 800 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.  That's a great size for a banner style image that will look great everywhere.

I grabbed a royalty free image from the web, shrunk it (because the original image was huge), and cropped out the 800 px by 200 px that I wanted.  Then I added some text and saved it.

Next I created a new Post. I added the Sermons post type, featured it, made it visible, added a brief body, and embedded a code for a YouTube video.  Finally, I chose my 800 by 200 px image for the Primary Image.


The result is a great looking Post and an equally great looking Feature Summary on the Home Page


You can check it out on our Demo Church Site Homepage.

Thanks for the great idea - Pastor Amy Strader of First United Methodist Church of Golden Colorodo!

We look forward to watching your vids!

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