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Goodbye Summer, Hello School Year... Is Your Website Up To Date?


Only one week

until Labor Day... It's time to stock up on school supplies, get the furnace inspected, and eat fresh tomatoes over the sink.  It's also time to shape up your church website for the next season.  Let's log in to the Brick River web console and get started!

Worship Times

Does your church have a different worship schedule in the summer?  You can update your Sunday worship times with a few clicks.  Open the Content Menu and click Setup to open your Homepage Setup screen.  Update and Save your Service/Worship Times. 

You can add multiple lines to the Service/Worship Times field to include religious ed and weekly prayer services if you wish.

Read more about homepage setup here:

Fall Events

Just like your members, many of your church activities probably took a little summer vacation.  Now it's busy season for everything from preschool programs to youth retreats to holiday planning committees.

Is your calendar up to date?

On the Content Menu, click Events and review all your regularly scheduled meetings, classes, music practices, outreach events, and club gatherings.  Brick River makes it super easy to manage recurring events.

Read more about managing Events here:

Update your Church Staff List


With the new season of religious ed and music ministry events it's a perfect time to update the photos and refresh the bios of your church staff and volunteers.  On the Contacts Menu, click People. Click the   button to add any new people you've recently hired or tricked into leading a church committee.

If you want people to appear on your website Staff page - make sure you go to the Email and Phones section of their record and add a People Tag of .

Read more about managing Events here:

Go Out and Take Some Pictures!

You know what makes a website look beautiful?  Pictures!!  The more pictures you have - the more beautiful your pages, newsletters, announcements, and blog posts!  You can never have too many beautiful pictures of your buildings and people.

What better time to go walk around with a camera or smart phone taking pictures of everybody and everything?  What if you wake up one day needing a picture of your wedding chapel -  but it's the middle of November and it's pouring rain?

Plan ahead!  

Your church and all your members look beautiful in this late summer light!  Go take some pictures.  

Click the File Menu and upload all your pictures to Brick River so you can add them to your site whenever you want!

All of us here at Brick River had a great summer!  We hope you did as well!


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