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Links to the Wide World...


Hyperlinks were invented in the sixties - probably by hippies.  At least that's what it says on the Wikipedia page for hyperlinks - here.

It was easy to create that link to Wikipedia.  I just selected the word 'here' and clicked the link button.   Then I pasted in the URL for a page on Wikipedia.

You can create links in any location on your site that allows you to enter rich text - including posts, pages, events, staff bios, answers to FAQ's, etc...

Here are two other ways to prominently feature links on your church site.

Create a Menu Item That is a Link to an External Site

Our church likes to schedule lots of events at the Owl Lake Retreat Center - so I'm going to put a link to their site on our About menu.

I do this by creating a blank page and setting its Redirect To property to

In the web console, I click the Site menu and click the link to open my Site Map.  Then I click the About page and select New Page.

In the designer window, I click to the properties tab and set the Redirect To property. 


I Publish this change and...

I now have a link on my About menu to open an external site.

Adding Quick Links to Your Homepage

We built in an easy way to present links on your homepage.  When you create 'Quick Links' they will appear in the left sidebar on your homepage beneath your contact and site photos.

To create Quick Links, click the Content menu, then Quick Links.  Click

Enter your link name in the Text field and the link URL in the Enter URL by hand field.  Upload a photo to create a graphic background for your link (This is optional.  Leave the image out to create a list of plain old text links). Click the Visible field and Save. 

That's it for now.  Have a great day!


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