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This Feature is Handier than a Shirt Pocket


Did you know that the space directly below you Homepage images or carousel is reserved for Featured Content?

This area is the best real estate on your website and you should use it display your most important and timely info. 

In the screenshot above, our latest sermon is featured.  Since our post has an audio file linked to it, users can play the sermon right from the homepage.

You can feature any post. When creating or editing a post - go to the Article section and slide the Feature This field.

A featured post will be pinned to the homepage for two weeks following the Posted Date.

Click the Relate Events (or create a new event) link to add an event link to the Featured area.

You can create multiple Featured posts.  They will appear with the most recently posted content at the top,

That's how easy it is feature your latest content on your site's homepage!

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