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Using Your Site's Private Portal


You're doing a great job posting content to your site!

Adoring fans everywhere are clicking happily through your event calendar, pastor's blog, photo galleries, and weekly newsletters.

Now it's time to think about posting content that you don't want to share with the wide world -  meeting minutes, childcare schedules, budget reports, etc.

You can post content for church members only by activating your Brick River Site's Private Portal.

Private Portal is nerd speak for content on a website that you can only see if you log in.

Let's say you have last month's budget report and you want to make it available to any church members who want to see it.


Activate your Site's Private Portal

On the Content Menu, open your Site Setup screen.  In the Functionality Section, set the Enable Member Area to Active

Create one or more People contacts with a User Name and Password

On the Contacts Menu, open the Person named Member Portal.  Brick River created that record to make it easy for you have a user name and password to distribute to people you want to let into your member area.

In the Login Credentials area.  Set the Username and Password fields. In the Member Portal Access field, add the tag: Posts.

You can also add the Member Directory tag if you want to publish a church directory.

Save the contact.

Create a Post using the post type: Member Portal Posts

On the Content Menu, create a new post and set the post type to Member Portal Posts. 

In the Files section, link your Budget Report file to the post.

Save this post - and when you view your site you will NOT see this new post when you click on the News & More Link.

You need to click the Log in link on the menu bar.  Login using the username and password that you created for the Member Portal record.

That's it.  Users can now use the Log In link on your site to see this protected content

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