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Benefits of Bulk-Buying


  1. Equip your churches with great-looking sites.
  2. If you bulk-buy, we can bulk set up the church sites - saving your churches time.
  3. Help your brand. Often conferences wonder how "seeker focused" their conference sites should be. If you had lots of church sites, you could put marketing information right into those sites for seekers.
  4. Improve communications to church members. There can be an area of the sites where you can post "regional news". This would be incredibly helpful when there are disasters.

Ways You Can Help

  1. Think it's a good idea? Tell your churches.
  2. Tell your "influencers" (the power people in your conferences) and we'll do a call/webinar with them.
  3. BEST: Bulk-buy sites for your churches.

Bulk-Buy Plans

The setup fee is waived


10 pack

$5,000 if paid yearly

50 pack

$21,000 if paid yearly

All of Brick River

10 pack

$13,000 if paid yearly

50 pack

$55,000 if paid yearly